Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tarbiyyah Dzatiyyah

Dakwah: Why You Might Find It Difficult?

When we asked people about da’wah, some of them might replied they cannot proceed the dakwah due to the lack of Islamic knowledge and weakness of nafsu.
It’s same for me. I still find spreading dakwah is a difficult thing and the weakness of nafsu is the main cause. We always give advice to other people to practice “amar maa’ruf nahi mungkar” but sometimes, we also do the same thing.
But that’s not the reason why we abandon da’wah in our daily lives. Rasulullah s.a.w. said “Convey from me, even one verse”(Shahih Bukhari).

Tarbiyyah Dzatiyyah

That’s why Tarbiah Dzatiyyah is very essential to us. Tarbiah Dzatiyyah means tarbiah that we apply to ourselves. This tarbiah is different from tarbiah jama’iyyah, because we only use and relate it to ourselves.

Anas r.a. relates that “We asked the Prophet, ‘O Messenger of Allah, shouldn’t we
refrain from calling others to goodness if we don’t practice all good things ourselves,and shouldn’t we refrain from forbidding wrong things until we ourselves have obtained from all the bad?’. ‘No’, he replies, ‘you should call others to goodness even if you don’t do all good, and you should forbid bad things even if you don’t abstain from all of them yourselves.’” [Al-Tabarani]

It is important to stress that although we should do Da’wah while applying existing knowledge, in addition to this we should always be striving hard towards increasing our knowledge and iman so that we can get closer to our Creator and in effect, answer questions is the most appropriate and best manner.

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Mohd Hazaruddin said...


dear ridzuan, i found out myself that im one of the person you said ... afraid of doing da'wah!

well, as for me, i rather try improved myself first and try to be the best ... i try to da'wah people through attitude!

Hope Allah bless me!

Assalamualaikum ...


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